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Do you want to live a more positive life?

The name “North of Here” encompasses our vision to live a more positive life. North of Here is a hub that provides reputable and realistic fitness, health and well-being advice by collecting and delivering informative, actionable blog posts, advice and tips just for you!

It’s a place where you can come to be empowered to live a healthy and fit lifestyle – in the real world. It’s a place for motivation, realistic fitness tips and living a mindful life.

Life is meant to be lived and North of Here is about keeping it real. 

There’s so much news and information out there about the latest diets, fitness activities, the latest fitness fads, and it’s confusing. North of Here is a place to find out more, delve a litter deeper, share personal stories, meet new friends, hear from professionals, get a few recipes, find adventure and hear from other real women who love to live a healthy lifestyle.

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About the Editor


Hi there! My name is Ali. I’ve been blogging since January 2008 just after I finished my journalism & public relations studies at University. I was living in Melbourne, blogging about life in general, keeping a personal blog. Since graduating I’ve worked in a number of roles and now work as a marketing specialist.

My fitness and health background has been varied, growing up I enjoyed playing tennis and netball. However, my passion for health and fitness didn’t start until I was at university and put on 5kg living on campus,I started lifting weights and enjoying going to the gym. Little did I know that 7 years later I would be qualified to teach Group Fitness classes (Certificate III in Fitness, Australian Institute of Fitness) and working in a gym as a Marketing Manager for a year! Today I enjoy a wide range of activities including weight lifting, functional fitness and running. In the past I’ve enjoyed indoor soccer, Body building (Fitness Model competitions) and CrossFit.

At the start of 2012, I moved to the northern most major city in Australia, Darwin with my partner. Living in Australia’s north prompted me to change my blog name to “North of Here”, in an effort to live a more positive lifestyle and keep exploring.

Today North of Here has evolved into a place where you can come to find other women just like you sharing their health, well-being and fitness adventures along with realistic tips and advice and ways to live a meaningful, more positive life. Welcome to North of Here! 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations), major in Journalism. Certificate III in Fitness.

Feel free to contact Ali or here team here.